Welcome to the Diocese of York Educational Trust website. You’ll find information here about how the Church of England is supporting academies in our part of north-east England.

The Church of England has been involved closely in education for centuries. In every age, the church has looked for educational opportunities, and has taken the lead in exploring new possibilities.

Academies are now very much a part of the national pattern of school-age education. A growing number of young people are learning within the context of academies, and it’s only right that there is a Church of England presence within the range of academies nationally.

The Diocese of York stretches from the Humber to the Tees. In this area there are over 120 Church of England educational institutions. All four of our secondary schools, as well as a number of primaries, are academies and The Diocese of York Educational Trust was founded in order to represent the Diocese as the corporate member in Multi-Academy Trusts which include Church of England academies.

Together with the Diocesan Board of Education, the Trust is committed to working so that our young people can have the best possible educational experience, develop their gifts, grow and mature in a safe environment, understand the significance of faith, and prepare for life in modern Britain.

Please look through our website to find out more.

Paul Whitby



Patterns of education are continuing to evolve in the UK. Many schools are seeing their future in new alliances, and as such are exploring conversion to academy status.

Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) across the Diocese of York include both Church of England and community academies. Therefore schools that are interested in the possibility of joining or forming a MAT with a Church of England school or academy in the Diocese of York are welcome to have an initial informal conversation.

Please email enquiries@dyet.education and we shall contact you.